by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #38
Taken from the Crane News, published December 17, 1998.


     A few ranbling remembrances from back then. W. D. (Bill) Gooch and Ila Gooch had a dairy north of the football field.  There were also dairies operated by L. D. Simon, Herman Plate and Joe Bailey Young.  The milk was marketed in quart glass bottles with a round cardboard sealer in the top.  Estine Bishop came to Crane in 1938 with her parents.  Her dad went to work for Joe Bailey Young's dairy.  Her mother went to work as a housekeeper for 25¢ an hour.  Charlie Passur worked at Carl Sewell Motor Co. for $15 a week after school and on weekends.  Lewis Cass, as a youngster, cleaned a church for 25¢ a week.  I, myself, worked 80 hours a week in Wink, for $10.50.  This was not much per hour.  However, I made $25 a week when I came to Crane in 1936.  I still worked close to 80 hours.  I was still making that when we got married in 1940.  Our grocery purchases were $5 a week.  Our house payments were $20 a month.  To tell the truth, times were not too bad then.  Sometimes I will let you know how tough it was during the depression in the early thirties.  By the way, the Joe Bailey Young dairy was on 1st street.

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