by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #56
Taken from the Crane News, published October 28, 1999.


     Carl Milam doesn't know until this day that Neal Cook and I framed up a deal to make him laugh.  Neal and I had a habit of watching each others's clothes for a little torn place once in awhile.  We would pull on it and tear it.  Carl got a big kick out of that.  One day, I purposely wore a pair of khaki pants that had a pretty long slit place on one leg.  I was standing at our customer service window in our office.  Neal told Carl he had discovered a torn place on me and was going to rip it.  Carl came and was watching when Neal slipped up behind me, grabbed my pants leg and tore it apart all the way to the floor.  This cracked Carl up.  I thought he was going to die laughing.  Well, it was even funny to us who knew it was a "put up job".  Neal was a real joker. However, no hungry person ever left our meat counter without a Dagwood Sandwich.  He kept a loaf of bread handy and fed many an itinerant person.  One of his takers was Yale E. Key who came behind the meat counter to make his own sandwich from time to time. He was not a poor unfortunate.  Au contraire, he was a multi-millionare.  In spite of this, he was a pretty good guy.

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