The Kinship of Families


  The Kinship of Families


The Kinship of Families is a quarterly genealogical periodical that was started in 1997. There is one volume per year and 4 issues to each volume.

Its purpose is to tell the history and family connections of people in Freestone County, especially those who settled in the southwest quarter of Freestone County and in northern Leon County. Of course, residents of other counties are included when they fit into one of the families.

Many of the articles are written by subscribers who feel the need to tell the stories of their Freestone County people and of those they "left behind" when they migrated to this area.

Included in each issue is an article called "Search, Research & Re-search" which tells stories of researching ancestors and allied families. The objective is to share our research experiences that some of us have had and from which we learned something.

Also included in each issue is The Ecclesiastical Corner which contains the transcription of the church minutes from the Missionary Baptist Church at Luna. Each issue includes the minutes for one year. We have the minutes from 1913 to 1945.

Each volume is indexed by Kay Popp, who is one of the best at indexing genealogical information. When there is more than one person by the same name, she identifies them in the index. The Kinship of Families is edited by Modene Knight Thornton.

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The subscription is $15.00 annually.

To order your subscription, write:

The Kinship of Families
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