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This is Marie Wells' letter to her mother

Fannie Martin, post marked Mar. 5,1925.


Marie mentioned the Thomas family in her letter. She was most likely referring to Toliver & Inez Thomas and their son, Albert.

Submitted by:  Glenn D. Wheatley


Front of the envelope:
Return to Post Tex
Route 13. Box 32

Mrs. Fannie Martin
Stacy, Tex

Back of the envelope:
Fannie & Tellis come after you Sun eve.

Page 1
Wed night
Dear grannie got your letter to-day. R-dalia was tickled over her handkerchief.

Howard said he didn't see why grandma didn't send him one. Yes Howard put his
shirt on by his self Sat morning and said at the same time that he could have
put it on all the time but he didn't want too. he hasnt put it on sience for he
turned loose with an ear ache and it turned to a rising and he has been in bed
ever sience untill to day.

Page 2
We taken him to Dr. Williams yesterday he said he had a pretty bad ear. it sure
has run lots. Howard is as mean to day as commons

Thomas's sure have been good. Mr T. taken us to town in closed car & Tall &
Albert come over to sit up last night-but we didn't use them and Mrs T was over
yes and today.

Oh yes we had a dog fight Friday eve after we got back. Old man come over and
Bill whiped the britches off of him. Winfred called Thomases up to see it and
Mr. T run just as hard as he could run and hollowed hold em I want see some of

Page 3
I sot an old hen to night, and the incubator is hiten on 103 after it did get

Chester Stevens house burned Mon. they lived 1 mile east and 1 1/2 mi north
burned ever thing except a machine and 1 chair and the close they had on their
back. an oil stove exploded. we saw the fire.

Well they are all in bed except baby and I and she has her shoes off. let us
know when you all go to Shack, and be sure to get the kodack.

Page 4
Hubert said tell you he was way over in his book. he just likes 15 pages being
through. Well if Howard gets bad we'll let you know and if you dont hear any
thing for a while you know he is still improving.
gone to bed
let us know when you leave.
Marie & all

Thur Morn. still pouring down rain Howard rested good last night. W. intends to
get done plowing to-day. then Seamore will wash to morrow gone to cook breakfast