by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #15
Taken from the Crane News, football game, date published not known.


     I remember going to a professional football game at Odessa about 1946 or so.  The Philadelphia Eagles, as I remember, played another pro team.  The field had no grass and the tickets were very cheap.  There were some bleachers and not much of a crowd.  We had no thought that this kind of a start would mushroom into the NFL and the AFC with thousands of people in stadiums all over the US watching the caliber of football we see today.

     I remember the first battery powered radio I ever saw in a home.  This was west of town at the P. J. Lea Ranch.  They had a wind charger to keep the batteries up for the radio.  It was facinating to us.

     I remember going out to the airport to get Dr. Frank Robinson to come to his clinic to deliver our second child, Larry.  Dr. Robinson was out practicing flying his airplane.  Later he crashed it at Paducah, Texas, and was killed.  His son Bobby, was with him and was injured seriously.

     I remember the first Mexican family to come to Crane.  Leonard Hernandez and his wife were as fine a couple as you could find.  He worked on several ranches around Crane.  He worked and lived on a ranch out close to Castle Gap, some of their children are still in Crane.  The Pina family was the second family here -- fine folks, also. Leonard, Sr. passed away in 1996 in Camp Wood, Texas.  We used to stop and visit him when we went throught there.  If you know where to look you can still see the house where they lived at the foot of the mountain.

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