by Don Chaney

Don Chaney is the former mayor and a long-time resident of Crane.

Article #20
Taken from the Crane News, published on an unknown date in 1997.


     Max Omo was an old timer in Crane.  I believe he was of pure German descent.  He had some ideas strange to the rest of us.  He arranged to make a salt recovery plant out west of Crane at Juan Cordona Lake.  Salt from here was hauled by burro train by the Spanish many, many years ago.  Mr. Omo did well with this project as a small one man operation.  Alton Evans, who was a friend of his, got interested in the idea.  He formed a company with a few others.  I was one who invested some in it.  If I remember correctly, it as $100.00.  The lake was pretty dry.  When it rained the water absorbed the salt from the soil.  Many wooden forms were built to retain the water and salt.  Arrangements were made to market the salt, mostly to ranchers in the area.  The only salt available had to be shipped in from a distance.  When the water evaporated the salt was sacked up.  Everything went well for awhile. Then something happened.  It didn't rain for a year.  There went our salt company.  I need to inject another thought about Max Omo.  He had a great mind.  One day he explained a scientific theory of his to me.  He was working on an idea of reversing magnetism and polarity to create the opposite effect, or propulsion, which he called "The Force."  He was trying to make something to put on airplanes to repel anything metal coming towards them.  In my opinion he was ahead of Star Trek technology.

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