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Blanco County Cemeteries

This is on a cemetery plaque at a cemetery in Alabama: 
 "Linger awhile and walk with me into the shadowy mist that was yesterday.  Stroll across the faded pages of history and from our hardships learn the ways of a better life.  Pass me not for I am the spirit of your ancestors. In your veins flow my blood and the blood of my fathers.  Linger awhile, if only for a moment and through your thoughts I will know I am remembered."

Sent by Shirlee Lee

There are many cemeteries in Blanco County, and much work has been done
cataloging them.  Many  are small family plots on private property, some had
been "lost", and only recently "found", many are isolated graves that contain
a person who met an untimely death in that immediate area, and all that may
be known is that "he drowned in the nearby creek". Work is being done to
document as thoroughly as possible the persons buried in these plots.   If you 
know of a cemetery that isn't listed below please contact me, note the County in Subject.
Or if you have a correction please let know so it
can be  changed.  Shirley Cullum shirlcullum@gmail.com

      Joel Honeycutt of the Blanco County Historical Commission has
graciously offered to perform lookups for persons that may be buried
in Blanco County Cemeteries. Queries MUST be specific, and as much
information on the person regarding approximate dates, possible burial
location,  and even cause of death will help. Please do not ask for something
such as "all Smith's, Brown's, and Jones's buried in such and such cemetery".  
Beyond the complexity of such a   task, Joel stays very busy chasing down any
and all little known historical facts regarding Blanco County in an effort to
preserve as much of the areas history as possible.   Joel has an index card
system with more  information on the persons listed in the
Cemeteries below.
 He also has the locations of the cemeteries. Joel Honeycutt
Blanco County Historical Commission,  101 Pitchfork, Johnson City, TX  78636





Blanco Cemetery - Blanco, Texas       (Pictures)
Ross Family Cemetery 
Comanche Creek Cemetery
Sauer Family Cemetery - - Blanco
Cypress Mill Cemetery

Schmidt Cemetery
Henley Cemetery -

Schuetz Cemetery
Johnson City Masonic Cemetery       
Smith Family Cemetery
McKinney Cemetery     (Pictures)

Snow Family Cemetery
Miller Creek Cemetery

Stanley Cemetery
Peyton Cemetery

Washburn Cemetery
Post Oak Cemetery      New Pictures Added

Wegner Cemetery
Rocky Cemetery
Old Weinstrom Cemetery
Round Mountain Cemetery


St. Mary's Cemetery

Armke Cemetery
Sandy Cemetery

Artz Cemetery
Twin Sisters Cemetery    

Blocker (infant) son of William B. Blocker & E. E. Blocker
Trinity Evangelical Luther Church Cemetery Pictures

Black man drowned on Blanch River, he was buried on the spot
Holy Archangels Church Cemetery

Bryom Place Cemetery
Walnut Methodist Church Cemetery

Chick Cemetery


Sidney Cox
Beckmann Cemetery
Dr. G. G. Hill
Bindseil Cemetery

Johnson (child) parents were A. J. Johnson * Mattie Tuttle Johnson
Blaylock (from obituaries)
Kirby, Rust Cemetery
Brown Cemetery - Hye
Klinger Cemetery
Cleveland Cemetery (Crofts Family)
Kneupper Cemetery
Cox Family Cemetery
Kruckemeyer (killed by Indians) in 1871
Davis Cemetery
Albert Lackey
Dixon Family Cemetery
Liesmann Cemetery
Dunman Cemetery
Goeth-Wenmohs Cemetery
Piersick Grave
Haley Family Cemetery
Sharp Cemetery
Harmon Cemetery
Sheppard (people killed by Indians in 1868)
Heidmann Cemetery
Holdman Cemetery

Stubbs Cemetery
Hyatt Family Cemetery
Johnson Cemetery
Wiley Cemetery
Jonas Cemetery
3 surveyors (killed by Indians) in 1858
Jonas Cemetery #2

Koch Cemetery

Koch II Cemetery

Lackey Cemetery

Morgan Cemetery
Murphy Cemetery
Pearson Cemetery
Ploch Cemetery
Ray Cemetery
Roberts-Shelley-Hardin Cemetery

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